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Students one-on-one private tutoring at session

One-On-One Learning

  In-Person Tutoring  

  • Tailored Focus. Private tutoring is shaped to meet your student's unique needs.

  • Based in Pennsylvania. Private sessions meet once a week at Roman's home base in Newtown, PA.

  • Easy Scheduling. We work around busy schedules and extracurriculars to find times that work for you.

  • Big Results. Working one-on-one maximizes learning, focus, and improvement.


How Tutoring Works

Our private tutoring sessions are totally customized to address your student's unique needs. Need extra focus in math? Have an issue with a specific score? Grappling with a learning obstacle? No problem -- we'll build a program just for you.

We start by getting to know your student and your family. We learn about where your student is at, assess their skills, and align on goals. Then we build a customized schedule and approach based on the student's strengths and weaknesses.


We're with you through thick and thin. We deliver consistent follow-ups, keep your family in the loop, and will have your student primed and ready for the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, HSPT/ISEE or Math Subject.


  The Roman Way  

Easy Scheduling

Our private tutoring students plan sessions directly with their tutor. We have lots of flexibility, and we can work around school and extracurriculars. We'll build a plan around your target test date and work as quickly or slowly as we need to.

Customized Learning

We spend time where it's most effective and place your child's needs at the center of our work. Need extra help in math? Would some writing practice be helpful? Want to focus on timing? No problem; let's do this.

Real Results

We have a long track record of raising scores and getting students into top colleges. Our SAT and ACT tutoring programs are time-tested, real-world-focused, and effective. We identify learning obstacles quickly - and then we overcome them.  


Better Tutoring, Better Results

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