What happens to your in-person classes if social distancing guidelines are extended?

As of now, we are planning on having our Summer and Fall classes in-person as well as offering online options. If the social-distancing guidelines are reinstated (which we anticipate they will not be), we will make sure to have students separated by at least 3 feet in the classroom and require all students to wear face masks.

What is your class make up policy if a student misses a class? How do you go about scheduling a make up class?

If a student cannot make it to class on any given day, the student can sit in on another class that week to get the same lesson. Our classes run parallel so that the same lesson is taught on different days. If a student misses a whole week of class, they will be credited for a week of class that they can apply to a later session.

Why are some class sessions longer than others?

Class / Session length depends on what time of year you start. Our Fall SAT and ACT Prep Classes are our most comprehensive offering of the year. In this class, we combine SAT prep with ACT prep. This full hybrid SAT / ACT course runs 24 lessons (students attend one 90 min class per week) and is designed for rising Juniors. Here is the general course breakdown: - SAT: 4 Math lessons, 4 Critical Reading Lessons, 4 Writing lessons (Grammar & Essay) and an additional 4-6 lessons spent completing full length practice tests - ACT: 6 lessons which will cover English, Math, Reading, Science, Essay Writing and work on practice tests As the year progresses, our new course offerings will vary in length depending on the dates and proximity of the upcoming SAT and ACT tests. For example, 8 weeks (our Summer class) is the minimum offering. It's enough time to teach the basic content.

Should we choose a Group Class or 1:1 Tutoring?

We have found that Group Classes are the most effective way to learn in general. Because the course curriculum does not change based on the student, the class format allows for more ideas and opinions to be expressed by our students, which leads to a better overall experience in the end. Don't get us worng, we do tons of 1:1 Tutoring as well. Sometimes it depends on the student. You know yourself / your child, and if you feel they are better suited for 1:1 sessions, we are here for you.

When should we start the tutoring process?

We have tested every possible scenario here, and have found that starting in the Summer or Fall of a student's Junior year works best. Believe it or not, it is best to work on SAT / ACT prep during the school year in tandem with a student's school schedule. We like for students to start taking the tests in December and complete the process by the following May.

Should I take the SAT or the ACT? What is the difference?

Despite what you may have heard, the SAT and the ACT are extremely similar tests and the best course of action is to take both tests! The format (of the SAT and ACT) is extremely similar as is the content. So, if you are going to take the time preparing and learning the proper techniques, why not make the most of the situation and apply them to both tests? Statistically, students score in the same range on both tests, which is even more reason to take both! Why? Because taking both tests just gives students ample oportunity to have that one great test day and hit their peak score.