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 About Roman 

Roman Tutoring is a forward-thinking provider of tutoring and test prep services based in Newtown, Pennsylvania.


Driven by a passion for education and youth enrichment, our dedicated tutors Adam and Jen Roman, help students ace entry tests for high school and colleges, and develop the skills they need to master the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests.


We Know Testing

Roman Tutoring works to guide students through all the challenges and excitement of the test prep journey. This isn't a paint-by-numbers process: we meet our students where they are, adapt our techniques to address their needs, and give them the skills they need to get where they need to go.

Our approach is rooted in decades of experience. We've taken the time to recognize where students struggle and have systems in place to help them alleviate pressure, overcome obstacles, and achieve the test scores that top colleges want to see.

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We Know Students

Great tutoring begins and ends with great communication. Anyone can teach a student how to solve an algebra problem - but empowering a student to believe in their abilities is a special skill. And it’s one we have in spades.


We always start by having honest conversations with students and families. We take stock of where you’re at, acknowledge stress, and then - gradually - we help you move past it. As your student moves through our curriculm they’ll say goodbye to stress and replace it with the confidence, preparation, and clarity they need to ace their test.


We Know Education

We’ve spent our careers in education, and we’ve been helping students improve their academic performance for the better part of two decades. We’re experts in educational theory, standardized testing, and in study habits. We know what concepts kids struggle with, and we know how to spot problem areas. And we also know the secret to overcoming almost any academic challenge: a slow and steady approach.


By taking our time with students and working methodically, we help them become comfortable with testing, giving them confidence in their abilities. And that’s crucial - because at the end of the day, comfort and confidence are the real keys to raising SAT and ACT scores.

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Be a Study Buddy

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