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The SAT is known for its tricky questions, while the ACT presents material in a straightforward manner. The truth: the differences between the tests are actually very minimal.


About the SAT vs ACT

Which test should you take?

Don't settle for just one chance to shine on the standardized testing process! With each exam comes a fresh opportunity to ace it and showcase your abilities. So why not double your chances by taking both the SAT and ACT? Our expert advice is to go for it and make the most of every shot you get. And don't worry about being unprepared, our course ensures that students will be well-equipped for both tests. Whether it's math, reading, or writing techniques, the skills learned in our SAT class can be applied to the ACT and vice versa. So, seize every chance you get and let us help you conquer both exams with confidence!

It's like Coke vs Pepsi

Comparing the SAT and ACT


New Digital SAT: 2 hours and 14 minutes ACT: 2 Hours and 55 minutes (without essay), 3 Hours and 40 minutes (with essay) Scoring:

D-SAT: 400 - 1600

ACT: 1 - 36

Test Structure:

D-SAT: Reading, Writing & Language, Math

ACT: English, Math, Reading, Science, Essay (optional)

Reading and Writing:

D-SAT: 1 Section consisting of two 27 question modules (54 questions total)

ACT: 1 Reading section (40 questions) and 1 English section (75 questions) *Both tests include Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary


D-SAT: 1 Math Section consisting of two 22 question modules (44 questions total)

ACT: 1 Math Section (60 questions)

Both Tests include Algerba 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics Calculator allowed on both the SAT and ACT


D-SAT: None

ACT: 1 section of 40 questions

Essay: D-SAT: None

ACT: Optional


SAT / ACT prep is available via Classes in-person or Classes online and Private Tutoring in-person or Private Tutoring online.

SAT / ACT Classes

  • Focused Timeline. Typical courses run 8 - 12 weeks.

  • Based in Pennsylvania. In-person classes meet once a week for 90min at Roman Tutoring's home base in Newtown, PA. Online classes meet via Zoom.

  • Flexible Scheduling. Need to miss a class? No sweat; we can always find a makeup session for you.

  • All Inclusive. We provide all the necessary materials, including our study guide and all practice tests.

  • The Best Prep. Our SAT + ACT content is updated frequently to reflect yearly changes to the tests.

Private (One-on-One) Tutoring

  • Tailored Focus. Private tutoring is shaped to meet your student's unique goals and needs. Typical sessions run 8 - 12 weeks.

  • Based in Pennsylvania. Private sessions meet once a week for 60min at Roman Tutoring's home base in Newtown, PA. Online classes meet via Zoom.

  • Easy Scheduling. We work around busy schedules and extracurriculars to find times that work for you.

  • Big Results. Working one-on-one maximizes learning, focus, and improvement.

Be a Study Buddy

Ready to ace the test? Get in touch today to find a group class or private tutoring session that works for you.

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