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Tutoring Services

SAT Test Prep

Our program is designed for students looking for competitive SAT scores, with the goal of gaining admittance to colleges around the country.


About the SAT

The SAT is a test required for admission to Universities and Colleges.

The material on the SAT is pretty basic (high school Math, English and Grammar). That doesn't make it an easy test though. The test-makers are very good at making the material tricky and putting you under strict time limits. We can help you navigate through the whole process.


Crush the SAT

Math Tricks

Our tutoring emphasizes clever alternate methods for solving SAT Math problems, equipping students with valuable techniques upfront.

Math Concepts In addition to Math tricks, we exclusively teach essential Math concepts necessary for SAT problem-solving.

Reading Comprehension

Excel in SAT Reading Comprehension with our targeted instruction on key element identification and effective differentiation between answer choices.

Vocabulary in Context

We emphasize effective utilization of existing vocabulary to answer SAT questions correctly, helping students navigate vocabulary-related stress.

Grammar & Writing Skills

We teach the 25 crucial Grammar and Punctuation rules that lead to SAT improvement, simplifying success in the SAT Writing sections.

Confidence and Test Taking Skills

Our program addresses the pressure students feel by gradually building confidence and providing strategies tailored to individual skill gaps.


  • Weekly 60 minute sessions

  • SAT prep takes between 8 - 12 sessions

  • Study materials and practiced tests provided

Private Tutoring Benefits

  • Personalized focus, tailored to student's strengths / weaknesses

  • Flexible schedule, depending on tutor / student availability

  • No obligation to purchasing a minimum number of sessions

  • Tutoring can take place online or in our classroom in Newtown, PA

Pump up your SAT scores and stand out in college admissions! Choose Roman Tutoring SAT Prep for our comprehensive curriculum, experienced tutors Adam and Jen Roman, and winning strategies that lead to success. Enroll today!

SAT prep is available via Classes in-person or Classes online and Private Tutoring in-person or Private Tutoring online.

Be a Study Buddy

Ready to ace the test? Get in touch today to find a group class or private tutoring session that works for you.

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