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High school kids looking to tutor sitting at their desk

Our Approach

 The Roman Way 

Our Philosophy - It's not just about the SAT and the ACT.

High School Friends
Adam Roman Tutoring at SAT Review Party

Make a Plan

Education is not a one-size-fits-all activity; every student learns in their own way. Different students have different challenges and different academic needs - which is why we get to know each of our students as the individuals they are.


We have carefully crafted a curriculum that will enable us assess how your child communicates, studies, and learns best. Then, once we've gotten to know them a bit, we can address their strengths and weaknesses and put them on the path to academic success. 

Hit the Books

After meeting your student for the first time, we get to work. Whether your child is receiving private instruction or is studying in a group our process remains the same: we work slowly, go through subject matter methodically, and make sure they get all the attention they need to succeed.


We focus on helping our students close skill gaps, master subject matter, and feel confident in a testing environment.

Adam working on-on-one with a student in classroom
A Young Man in the Library
Adam selfie with SAT Class in Bucks County, PA

Practice & Prepare

We create a friendly, academic space where our students can thrive. As educators, we're open and approachable - which gives students the comfort they need to ask questions, absorb information, and develop their test-taking skills.


Our work is detailed, deliberate, and impactful. We help your kids build lasting confidence and work hard to bring out the best in every student we work wth.

What We Teach

Study. Learn. Prepare. Perform.


  Education that Inspires  

Be a Study Buddy

Ready to ace the test? Get in touch today to find a group class or private tutoring session that works for you.

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