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 Teacher's Notes 

The New SAT. It's changing again. No Worries!

The SAT has undergone several updates over the years, with more changes coming in 2024. While this can be overwhelming, the core material of the test remains largely the same. The College Board, which administers the SAT, makes regular updates to keep the test relevant to college and university needs. In 2016, the test was revised to align better with high school curriculum and prioritize essential college skills.

The 2024 updates aim to refine the test further and make it more accessible to a wider range of students. One significant change is the addition of an "adversity score," which considers a student's neighborhood, high school, and family income when evaluating their SAT score. This score aims to help colleges and universities better understand a student's context during the admissions process.

In 2024, the SAT will also be administered on a computer, allowing students to take the test on a desktop computer or laptop rather than with a pencil and paper. Many students find that taking tests on a computer is more convenient and efficient than using traditional paper and pencil.

Despite these changes, the SAT still focuses on reading, writing, and math skills, and students who've already prepared for the current version of the test will still be well-prepared for the new version (with a little help from us). We recommend that students take both the current and new versions of the SAT to ensure they're prepared for any version they encounter on test day. Additionally, we suggest considering the ACT since many colleges and universities accept it as an alternative to the SAT. At Roman Tutoring, we're here to help students prepare for the SAT and make the process as fun and down-to-earth as possible.

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