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 Teacher's Notes 

The Key to SAT Success: Know Yourself!

Our Summer SAT Prep Classes have begun and we are thrilled to be back in the classroom. During the intro lesson last week, I noticed that I spent more time talking to students about "knowing yourself" than about Math, Reading or Writing techniques. It dawned on me that "knowing yourself" is the key to maximizing your SAT score, and it's a subject that is often ignored. So, what does "knowing yourself" mean in SAT Prep?

For parents, it means acknowledging that students are not perfect and that they need to recognize their abilities and limitations. Encouraging them with the belief that they can do anything they put their minds to may be counterproductive when it comes to SAT Prep.

For students, it means being honest with yourself and recognizing your true abilities. If a problem is too difficult, don't waste time trying to solve it. Instead, make an educated guess and move on to a problem that you can solve. By doing so, you can focus your time and energy on the right problems and improve your score without becoming frustrated.

Did you know that the average student scores about 50% correct on the SAT, while a competitive score is about 70% correct? You don't have to get all the problems right to achieve a great score or get into a good college. By "knowing yourself," you can get more problems right and improve your score. It takes time to trust the process and be honest with yourself, but Roman Tutoring is here to help you through the tough times.

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