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The Key to SAT Success: Know Yourself!

Well, our Summer SAT Prep Classes have just started and we are finally back in-person in the classroom! I realized something as I was doing the intro lesson this past week: I noticed that I spend more and more time talking to our students about "knowing yourself" during the lesson than I do about Math, Reading or Writing techniques. I was thinking about why this has come to be the case when it hit me: "knowing yourself" is the key to maximizing your SAT score! It's the taboo subject nobody wants to talk about and that's why I spend so much time talking about it! I'm sure you're wondering: What exactly do I mean by "knowing yourself"?

Parents: Well, here it is... please brace yourself for the unpleasant truth. Students (your kids) are not perfect and "knowing yourself" (when it comes to SAT prep) means students must know their abilities, or more specifically, their limitations. Parents tell their kids that they believe in them and that they are the most special people in the whole world and that they can do anything that they put their minds to! Sounds great in theory, but that kind of attitude when it comes to SAT Prep is the kiss of death.

Students: To maximize your SAT score, you have to be honest with yourself. You know your true abilities (you know the truth deep down inside). You know when a Math problem (for example) is just too damn hard for your skill set. So, what should you do? Stay after class and ask more questions? Email the teacher (me) for clarification? Put in a few extra hours of practice work? No, No and No. The real answer: don't worry about a specific problem when you know deep down inside that it just isn't right for you. Make an educated guess and move on to another problem that you actually have a chance of solving. If you are truly able to master the art of "knowing yourself", you will be able to focus your time and energy on the right problems for you and put your effort toward problems that you can actually solve (with a little help from our trusty SAT Math techniques).

Parents and Students: Do you know that the average student scores about 50% correct on the SAT? Did you know that a really competitive score is about 70% correct? That means that you do not have to get all of the problems right to get a great score or to get into a "good" college. So, if you are able to "know yourself", you ultimately will be able to get more of the problems right that you need to improve your score without becoming completely frustrated over problems that are not right for you. Sounds easy, right? It should be, but it takes time to trust the process and to be honest with yourself. Do not fret though, Roman Tutoring will always be here to help you through the tough times!

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