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 Teacher's Notes 

Why students still need to take the SAT and ACT!

The college admissions process is evolving at a rapid pace, with standardized testing at the center of it all. Although there has been talk about a shift away from standardized testing, is this really the case? Many colleges have temporarily or permanently gone test-optional. However, according to reliable industry insiders and our personal network, most kids being accepted into colleges are the ones who submitted SAT and ACT scores.

Here are some compelling reasons why students should still take the SAT and ACT:

  1. Distinguish yourself from other applicants: A decent standardized test score says something about you and can set you apart from other applicants.

  2. Standardized tests are still widely used: Despite the shift towards test-optional policies, most colleges still use the standardized tests as a measuring stick.

  3. Scholarships and honors programs still require tests: Most scholarships and honors programs still use the tests as a bar for admission.

Submitting test scores is essential for colleges to distinguish between students from different high schools and geographic backgrounds, and to expose grade inflation. Many parents push their children to get the grades they desire, and standardized tests can help balance that. Therefore, it is crucial for rising juniors to prepare for and take the SAT and ACT. To help you do this, sign up for one of our upcoming classes or learn more about our private one-on-one sessions.

We hope this information has been helpful in navigating the changing college admissions landscape. Please don't hesitate to contact Adam and Jen Roman if you have any further questions.

Roman Tutoring SAT/ACT Prep Class in Session

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