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Do students still need to take the SAT and ACT? Yes!

Things seem to be changing very quickly when it comes to the College admissions process. If you read the news, there has seemingly been a shift away from standardized testing... but is this truly the case? Well, many Colleges have temporarily (and some permanently) gone 'test-optional'. We have communicated extensively with our personal network and some very reliable industry insiders who have told that most kids that are being accepted to Colleges first are the kids that have submitted SAT and ACT scores.

Reasons why you should still take the SAT and ACT:

1) To distinguish yourself from the pack. A decent standardized test score says something about you!

2) Most Colleges still use the standardized tests as a measuring stick, despite what you may be hearing.

3) Most scholarships and honors programs still use the tests as a bar for admission.

We feel that it is still very important to submit test scores to Colleges so that they can distinguish between students from different high schools and geographic backgrounds. Let's not forget that standardized tests are able to expose grade inflation as well. We all know how assertive parents seem to be able to get their kids the grades they desire (We'll talk more about that in another blog post). With all this in mind, it is still best for rising Juniors to prepare for and to take the SAT and ACT. Do yourself a favor and register for one of our upcoming classes here or find out about our private 1 on1 sessions here.

Sincerely from your Tutors,

Adam and Jen Roman

Roman Tutoring SAT/ACT Prep Class in Session

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