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We know the tests

Success on the SAT and ACT depends largely on how students approach the tests.  Students have already studied most of the content and concepts covered on the SAT and ACT in school. For example, students do not come to us to learn Geometry and Algebra (although we will cover the basics). Students come to us to learn how to get SAT and ACT problems right. 


Through our own special techniques and tricks, our programs are designed to teach our students how to apply what they have learned in school to the SAT and ACT.  Mastering the proper techniques (Math, Reading and Writing) will lead to success on these tests.


We know these tests and we will cover everything students need to get the most out of their SAT and ACT scores.


We know kids

We believe effective tutors need to be knowledgeable, personable and skilled at communicating with kids (and parents). This skill set is what separates us from the other tutors out there. 


Let's face it, most students feel that their futures depend on these tests. When kids are under this kind of pressure, it's hard to succeed at anything, let alone tests as foreign and intimidating as the SAT & ACT.


Our program is designed to alleviate this pressure one step at a time. We have worked at overnight camps for many years in a variety of leadership roles, and the most important thing we have gleaned from those experiences is how to encourage kids without pressuring them. We know exactly how to teach effectively and make it a fun and enjoyable experience.


We know how to improve

Believe it or not, we already know which concepts the kids struggle with. This enables us to teach our students how to improve their SAT and ACT scores in a very simple and concrete way.


We spent 16 years carefully refining our curriculum into a unique and simple, yet comprehensive program. We know that SAT and ACT prep takes time and we know the proper amount of work to give students without overwhelming them. "Slow and steady" is the key to success.


Improvement comes from studying and practicing. If students are willing to commit to a 90 minute lesson and 90 minute homework assignment each week, they will improve.


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