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We are a small, family-owned business. Our community is important to us and we take the commitment to our students and their families seriously. Here are some of the students that have gone through our classroom over the years. Their smiling faces is what makes us excited to go to work every day!


The SAT Review Party is an event that we hold once a year on the Friday night before the March SAT. The idea is to recap the essentials, help our students relax for the upcoming SAT and generally just have a good time. During the review we give out a unique SAT Tip Sheet, t-shirts and cupcakes. This event is a way for us to thank our students for the amazing effort that they put into our classes year after year.


Yes, Adam is more than just an SAT Tutor. He has played hockey for many, many years. After bragging about his skills in class, he was challenged by a group of his students to 'put up or shut up'! So, reluctantly Adam agreed to play in what we now call 'The SAT Hockey Tournament.' Yes, a middle aged man playing hockey in the street with his 16 year old students does seem a little unlikely, but in the end Adam proved to be the super-tutor / hockey player that he claimed to be! Thanks again to Zach, Sean, Chase, Jon, Carl, Adam, Jake, Cole, Dan, Jack, Corey and AJ for organizing such a fun day. It was a blast!


Between 2012 - 2019, Roman Tutoring has held SAT prep classes at Pine Forest Camp located in Greeley, PA. What better place to study for the SAT than in the wilderness at summer camp? Teaching in a fun and comforting environment, without pressure, yields amazing results.