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GMAT Test Prep

Our program is designed for college students and working professionals looking for competitive GMAT scores for entrance to graduate programs. 

What is the GMAT?

  • The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is required for admission to MBA Programs.

  • The material on the GMAT is pretty basic (high school Math and English). That doesn't make it an easy test though. The test-makers are very good at making the material tricky and putting you under strict time limits. We can help you navigate through the whole process.


GMAT prep is available via 1:1 Tutoring.

Program Content

​We provide all materials, including our  study guide and practice tests, covering:

  • Math Tricks

  • Reading Techniques

  • Vocabulary Tips

  • Essay Writing Techniques

Structure & Pricing

  • Weekly 60 minute sessions

  • $145 per session

  • GMAT prep takes between 6 - 12 sessions

1:1 Tutoring Benefits

  • Personalized focus, tailored to student's strengths weaknesses

  • Flexible schedule, depending on tutor / student availability

  • No obligation to purchasing a minimum number of sessions

  • Tutoring can take place online or in our classroom

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