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ACT Prep - Group Classes and Private Tutoring

Our program is designed for students looking for competitive ACT scores, with the goal of gaining admittance to colleges around the country.

What is the ACT?

  • The ACT is a test required for admission to Universities and Colleges.

  • The ACT has 5 sections. English, Math, Reading, Science and an optional Essay. The ACT is primarily made up of the same material as the SAT (with the exception of the Science section). 


Roman Tutoring online ACT Preparation will provide high-quality tutoring aimed at helping students get competitive ACT scores to give them an added edge on college admissions. We have developed winning strategies that help students achieve a higher ACT score. Our tutors (Adam and Jen) are backed by 15 years of successful online ACT Prep Tutoring experience. Sessions can be taught in a group class format or  private 1 on 1 Tutoring.

Are you ready to sign to your teen up for one of our online ACT preparation courses? Get in touch with us via phone at (267) 394-3225 or send us a message online. View our course curriculum info below:

Math Tricks

We hate to call them tricks because they are actually very clever alternate methods for solving SAT / ACT Math problems. Let's just say that these tricks are your best friends when things get tough! These techniques need to be taught upfront, as they yield amazing results when put into practice.

Vocabulary in Context

Many students get stressed over vocabulary on the SAT / ACT. However, the real trick is knowing how to use the vocabulary you already have to get questions right. We cover this as part of our comprehensive curriculum.

Math Concepts

You didn't think we would only teach Math tricks, did you? We also teach Math concepts necessary to solve SAT / ACT Math problems. We focus ONLY on those concepts. That's what differentiates us from typical SAT / ACT tutors. We know which concepts to teach and which to pass over.

Grammar & Writing Skills

We teach the 25 Grammar Rules and the 3 punctuation rules that lead to SAT / ACT improvement. It's as simple as that. You do not have to be an English Professor to do well on the SAT / ACT Writing / English sections.

Reading Comprehension

We teach specific techniques that show students what to look for when reading passages. You only need to take away a few basic elements from a reading passage to do well on the SAT / ACT. We also teach students how to differentiate between right and wrong answer choices. 

Essay Writing

We teach students how to write a solid ACT essay by giving them a step-by-step formula. It doesn't matter if you are a good or bad writer because techniques for writing an ACT essay can be easily learned. Give the graders what they want and they will give you a good essay score.


ACT Prep is available via Group Classes or 1:1 Tutoring - Online or In-Person

Group Classes

  • Students attend one 90 minute class per week, depending on the selected schedule

  • Pricing is based on class duration (8-24 weeks); click below for current schedule

  • Classes are limited to 16 students

  • All students are welcome to switch class days on any given week if necessary

  • We provide all the necessary materials, including our study guide and practice tests


1:1 Tutoring

​Structure & Pricing

  • Weekly 60 minute sessions

  • $145 per session

  • SAT / ACT prep takes between 8 - 16 sessions


1:1 Tutoring Benefits

  • Personalized focus, tailored to student's strengths/weaknesses

  • Flexible schedule, depending on tutor / student availability

  • No obligation to purchasing a minimum number of sessions

  • Tutoring can take place online or in our classroom

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